The Hidden Message


Next big test for BJP in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Karnataka. There is a fair possibility BJP will win these states.

After winning people will immediately jump and say this is the verdict for 2019.

As people are now celebrating 2019 verdict after Bihar and UP by-polls.

We need to see the hidden message opposition has passed to other political parties that oppose BJP across the country.

That message is, shed your difference and unite then see the magic; we can win against BJP.

Even in this case, Congress will not be a contender for PM post. Congress will be a nonexistent force in this country along with communists.

I predict a new face will emerge from the opposition as the PM candidate. Lot, many in the opposition, have this dream, but only the party that is Big and can show muscle and pull the weight will get a chance.

Or a face that is well known in this country and acceptable to all can be the candidate.

Let’s not try to figure out who that will be now.

The Test for BJP:

For now, opposition sans Congress will start their dialogue on how to unite and fight against BJP.

2019 election will be decided by numbers and those who have it.

With the way government counsel screwed up Maran’s case, Modi CANNOT play this game of the Messiah who has come to clean this country.

No, sir, Your true color is coming out.

The final nail in the coffin is when Chidambaram’s son walks out his head held high.

People are not idiots to believe after all these have happened.

So for Modi and his government, it will be challenging to keep this messiah brand. He knows very well that’s why the new brand identity “Vikas” or “Growth” has been taken up.

In that brand, Modi is on stronger ground. Direct FDI investment has steadily grown and is at a whopping 209 billion dollars this year.

This and other growth policies and programs are the ones BJP will drum roll across the country.

The fight for 2019 pole position is going to be between

Growth vs. Vote Share Numbers